Coffee and halva

Coffee and halva


You’ll need:

☕️ espresso 150 ml
☕️ halva 100g (I had sunflower, but I think the peanut will taste even better),
☕️ cream 100 ml ,
☕️ 1 teaspoon of honey/syrupa/sugar (to taste)

How to cook:

✅ Coffee making
✅ We take it off and strain it into some kind of container.
✅ Add 1 spoonful of honey and let it cool down a little.
✅ At this time in a blender, we’re whipping up the halvah.
✅ Add cream to the halva and stir into a homogeneous mass.
✅ Grind the halvah, put it in a bowl of blender.
✅ Add cream to the halva and whisk the blender into a homogeneous mass.
✅ Add coffee and beat it again.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!

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