Coffee with dates and orange

Coffee with dates and orange


You’ll need:

☕️ double espresso
☕️ dates 7-8 pcs.
☕️ orange 1/2 pcs.
☕️ cardamon
☕️ milk

How to cook:

✅ We’ll clean the dates and take the orange peel off.
✅ We put in a pot of dates, zest and seeds 2-3 boxes of cardamom.
✅ Pour all the water 250-300 ml and put it on the fire.
✅ We cook 5-7 minutes (until the dates are soft).
✅ Wipe (date and rind residues are thrown out)
✅ We beat up the milk, add the brewed coffee and mix it with the grated mass.
✅ You can sprinkle orange peel on top.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!


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