Coffee with ice cream and cream

Coffee with ice cream and cream


You’ll need:

☕️ A piece of espresso
☕️ Ice cream to taste (I usually take one ball)
☕️ Cream 33% – 2 tablespoons
☕️ Powder sugar – 1 teaspoon
☕️ Sugar – 1 teaspoon
☕️ Salt – pinch
☕️ Dark chocolate for sprinkling

How to cook:

✅ Espresso with salt and sugar.
✅ Foam in a cup
✅ When the coffee’s ready, we take it off and put an ice cube in it.
✅ Beat cream and powdered sugar to a homogeneous thick foam.
✅ We put ice cream in a tall can.
✅ We’re pouring coffee
✅ Whipped cream on top.
✅ Grated chocolate.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!

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