Coffee with marshmallow

Coffee with marshmallow


Today I’m going to tell you another very simple recipe – Coffee with Marshmellow ☕️.
I drank coffee this morning. Normal, strong, made in cezve. And since there was ice cream in the freezer, I thought I’d give it a glass-like look, but the ice cream was marshmallow! So we’re writing down the recipe!

You’ll need:

☕️ Freshly brewed coffee,
☕️ Marshmellow (you can have ice cream with him).

How to cook:

If you just take a coffee with a marshmallow, you can do that.
✅ Make coffee;
✅ Add marshmallow to it. Due to the properties of this sweetness, some of it will dissolve and form a delicious foam from above, and some will remain “for dessert”.
In my own case, I added ice cream, which had all the same marshmallow – it turned out to be even more delicious and even more delicious foam.

In general, experiment and enjoy!

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