Coffee with mint and orange

Coffee with mint and orange


You’ll need:

☕️ Coffee
☕️ Sheets of 20 mint, it is possible and more).
☕️ Little orange
☕️ Taste: cardamom, nutmeg, ground cloves (I take this good about 1.5 teaspoons in total).

How to cook:

✅ Mint leaves knead well, rub and pour a little boiling water.
✅ At this time we make coffee in the usual way).
✅ In the ready coffee we add mint infusion to taste (here is where everyone looks at his own dose, I like more mint, more invigorating, so I pour it more), add orange juice, about tea spoons 2-3, seasoned with spices, carefully stirred and decorated with a leaf of mint and a slice of orange)”.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!


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