Coffee with mustard

Coffee with mustard


You’ll need:

☕️ espresso
☕️ mustard ½ teaspoon

How to cook:

✅ I think it’s clear.
✅ Make coffee,
✅ Add mustard to it.
✅ Stir until completely dissolved.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!

I looked in various literature, Google, asked other baristas about this recipe and this is what I learned.

The fact of coffee: “Frederick the Great drank 6-8 cups of coffee in the morning and another coffee pot in the afternoon. “Coffee was mixed with champagne and mustard was added for the fortress.”
Of the three baristas I interviewed, only once in all the time the visitor ordered such coffee, but it was not possible to prepare it because there was no mustard.

As for my experience – the taste of mustard I did not feel at all, so I immediately say do not be afraid. Coffee became as if stronger and thicker, adding a little sugar (one teaspoon) became even more delicious 😌.
Also, the person who tries many of my recipes didn’t even know I had mustard, only noticed that “this time the espresso is as strong as…”
So try, experiment and surprise other people with your original coffee ❗️😈.


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