Coffee with orange juice and caramel syrup

Coffee with orange juice and caramel syrup


Dear friends ❗️ I think many of you drink chilled coffee during the summer, so I decided to tell you how to make such a coffee yourself ☕️ Let’s go!
Using coffee with orange juice and caramel syrup as an example ☕️.

You’ll need:

☕️ 1 espresso
☕️ caramel syrup 5 ml (more is available, depending on you).
☕️ freshly squeezed orange juice (coffee ratio 1:1)

How to cook:

✅ Pour caramel syrup at the bottom of the glass.
✅ Next (preferably use a bar spoon) add orange juice – should form a separate layer
✅ After which we brew an espresso.
✅ And we strain it into a glass, which makes a three-layer drink.
✅ We add ice and wait a little longer for the chemical reaction to pass and the liquids to separate even further.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!

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