Dalgon coffee

Dalgon coffee as a new trend – who invented it? How to cook it?


Traditional sweets from Korea, the so-called Dalgona, have given their name to a fresh trend in the coffee industry. It’s also called “Coffee from Tik Tok”.=)

However, Korean Dalgona candies are made up of sugar and soda and are very similar in appearance to toffee. And I’ll tell you what kind of coffee boom #Dalgonacoffee is, and actually, the recipe itself is a Tik Tok coffee).

Due to the long isolation, Koreans, as the most famous connoisseurs of the drink, were left without the opportunity to visit their favorite coffee houses. And it became an incentive to invent something new without leaving home. And so the newly baked culinary trend went on to conquer the world.

In the expanses of social networks advertised an absolutely unusual treat – a refined transparent cup with a layer of milk at the bottom and whipped coffee mousse from above.

YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are already filled with content about the preparation of this novelty. Videos are spreading at an incredible speed, and gourmets from all over the world are posting their recipe variations. Tourists and passers-by in cities around the world have put it on sale as something out of the ordinary.

That’s the video.

How to make Dalgon coffee

The recipe, which is now collecting thousands of Internet views, is actually quite simple. Coffee can be made at home.

You’ll need:

☕️ Instant coffee,
☕️ The same amount of sugar
☕️ Hot water
☕️ Milk

How to cook:

All ingredients are mixed in a 1:1:1 ratio and beaten to a homogeneous mass using a mixer or whisk. Beating takes on average three to eight minutes, resulting in a caramel-coloured foam. The obtained treat is poured into a glass with chilled milk (according to subscribers’ observations, the milk should be two to three times more than coffee). Your drink is ready! I strongly recommend replacing soluble coffee with normal coffee in beans.

It all looks and sounds really lame, so it will surely quench the interest of sweetie lovers. Those who are on the healthy side can change the composition.

Experiments with the trend have already gone much further – experimenters have started to add oatmeal, soy or coconut milk, and replace coffee with cocoa, soluble chocolate or even match – mousse allows infinite improvisation with the composition, bringing out more and more new options.

If you want to find it in China, Pakistan or India, this dessert drink can be tasted as Macaucoffee or whipped coffee. That’s how they decided to nickname it in the countries mentioned above. Judging by the recipe, both names perfectly characterize the essence of Dalgona coffee.

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