Macchiato and syrup

Macchiato and syrup


You’ll need:

☕ 7g fine coffee
☕ 100 ml of milk;
☕ 10g syrup.

And now in brief about kitchen accessories for cooking (it is very desirable to use them), when I started studying barista profession I bought them first of all:

  • pitcher;
  • a metal jigger;
  • a coffee pair;
  • a bar spoon.

How to cook:

✅ Pour a jigger syrup to taste.
✅ Take a cup of coffee and pour the syrup into it.
✅ Make espresso, double volume.
✅ Whisk the milk by placing a steam faucet in the milk in the centre of the pitcher so that the nozzle opening is a centimetre from the surface. Then open the steam faucet.
✅ Using a bar spoon, spread the foam on top of the espresso.

That’s the way it is. If you have the right “tools”, any coffee is prepared many times better, faster and easier!

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!


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