Starbucks caramel macchiato

Starbucks caramel macchiato


You’ll need:

☕️ Ground coffee 4 tablespoons
☕️ Milk 3/4 glasses
☕️ Water 1 glass
☕️ Vanilla syrup 20 g
☕️ Caramel syrup to taste

How to cook:

✅ Pour milk into the Turk and bring it almost to a boil (70 degrees – perfect);
✅ We take a geyser coffee machine, fill its head with coffee;
✅ Add vanilla syrup on top;
✅ Pour heated milk almost to the end and foam well until foam is formed;
✅ Pour coffee into cups;
✅ Water the foam with caramel syrup.

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!


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