Tangerine Coffee

Tangerine Coffee


You’ll need:

☕️ 100 grams of tangerines
☕️ 400 ml milk (200 ml per serving)
☕️ coffee (2 servings, 30-40 ml each)
☕️ sweetener (sugar, honey, sweetener)

How to cook:

✅ First we make the syrup – peel the tangerines from their skins, white veins, and pips, purée them, and strain them through a sieve. We need 50 ml of syrup.
✅ Add sweetener to the tangerine juice, preferably more, because if the syrup is sour, the coffee will be unpalatable.

This is the second iteration of the drink, the first time I made coffee without sweetener, I didn’t like the result, but the sweet version – mmmmmm, it was delicious.

✅ Boil the coffee and add the syrup to the coffee.
✅ Let it cool down a bit, and in the meantime whip the milk with the cappuccinator, for two servings.
✅ Before whipping, add sweetener to the milk, which is a sweet latte. Do not overheat while foaming! Let the milk cool down a bit, too, so that it doesn’t curdle. In the meantime you can grate the chocolate:)
✅ Next, add the coffee to the milk, gently along the side of the glass, half in one cup, half in the other.
✅ Garnish the top with dark chocolate. I strongly recommend that you grate the chocolate:)

Coffee is ready! Enjoy!

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