Chocolate vanilla pudding

Chocolate vanilla pudding


You’ll need:

☕️ Sugar 0.5 glasses
☕️ Milk 2 glasses
☕️ Butter 1 tablespoon
☕️ Vanillin 2 tablespoons
☕️ Flour 3 tablespoons
☕️ Cocoa 3 tablespoons
☕️ Nuts

How to cook:

✅ Mix flour and sugar
✅ Add milk
✅ We boil the resulting mixture and let it thicken a little.
✅ Add oil and divide into two parts
✅ We add vanillin to one part and cocoa to the other.
✅ Warm up again to make it thicken even more
✅ Pour in layers, put nuts, dried fruits, even chocolate in between them.

Pudding is ready! Enjoy!

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